door Vincent Kompier

Notes of Berlin

Berlin talks to you. The city speaks about the difficult history, clearly visible in the streets. And she talks about today. Because at streetlights, in cafés and in the U-bahn: Berliners leave notes and comments everywhere. They have lost something, they want to share observations and critical remarks or they let their love slip away.

Poor but sexy

Perhaps it sounds strange that in this digital era where everyone communicates through email, Twitter and Facebook this old fashioned way of leaving messages is so popular. But Berlin is arm aber sexy. Not everyone has a computer or access to the Internet. Besides, people try to find new ways to get noticed. And they use the old reliable paper to attract attention.

Sticky notes

Streetlights at crowded places are heavy with notes that people have pasted on it. Sometimes the paper ends in the gutter: fameless. But Berlin would not be Berlin if there were not an artist able to use the thick layers of notes for his own artistic message. By cutting old sheets of paper he makes a new poster.


The best way to miss everything of worth in Berlin is to constantly look at your I-phone or Blackberry. Who, on the other hand, walks the streets with curiosity and an eye for detail notices what the city really wants to say. Those who take their time will, as a reward, be lead to remarkable city spots.

Stories of the streets

Don’t you want to walk the Berlin streets, but are you eager to learn more about the messages of the city? The website collects the funniest and most striking notes and comments. There are so many, that the initiators of the site have decided to publish a book about the Berlin notes. This will be an ode to the city that is always looking for something: looking after keys, after dogs, looking for yoga classes or just in search for happiness…