Urban Graphic Design

Letters and symbols lead you through the city. They guide people around and urge and inspire us to think about our cities and our own identities. Urban Signature dives into the world of Urban Graphic Design.

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Urban Signature

"When considering an architectural solution, do consider the solution might not be a building."

Urban Signature is a free online magazine about urban renewal and urban culture. The focus is not on the buildings, but on the people who live, work and play in cities, and on urban phenomena. Urban Signature reports on innovative projects, enterprising visionaries, and notable trends. The aim of the magazine is to inspire, to discuss, and to stimulate new ideas and working methods.

For whom?

Urban Signature is aimed at an interdisciplinary group of professionals who are interested in and have expertise in the area of urban development and renewal. Urban Signature is published in both Dutch and English editions.


The magazine is published by Willie van Burgsteden (Mixed Flavours), Nathalie Jager (The Spherist) en Linda Peeters (Citiwriters), three communication professionals with a passion for cities and with experience in city marketing, real estate communication, urban culture and creative design projects.